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Professional Personal Chef Service

Have you ever wished you could have a professional personal chef-prepared meal in the comfort of your own home?  Now you can! Having a special celebration at home with family and friends can be one of the most enjoyable, yet stressful, meals you prepare.  If you desire to celebrate at home and enjoy home-cooked meals and not traditional catered fare, let your professional personal Chef Calbert McDonald fulfill that desire. Whether a romantic dinner for two or a special occasion wine dinner party, contact your professional personal Chef Calbert McDonald today to make your reservation - yes, a reservation in your own home!  



Fruit And Vegetable Garnish and Sculpture Classes

Chef Calbert Mc Donald is one of the best in fruit and vegetable garnishes and sculptures. Chef Calbert teaches the fine techniques in fruit and vegetable garnishes and sculptures for beginners and advance students. The classes are from two hours and up. If you don’t have tools to work with, then Chef Calbert will provide them for you at a cost. To make your work easier, Chef Calbert provides templates for his students to work in the class. Most of the fruit and vegetable garnishes and sculptures are done in three “Ds.” Contact Chef Calbert today for your fruit and vegetable garnishes and sculpture classes today.



In-Home Cooking Classes

Your professional personal Chef Calbert's talents for teaching people how to cook can be brought right to your home. Gather a group of friends between four to ten persons, and your professional personal Chef Calbert McDonald will come into the comfort of your home and teach you some great cooking techniques, vegetable, and fruit carving, as well as plate presentations. Click on the link to view videos. The class must have a minimum of five people required. Call Chef Calbert McDonald today and he will put together a special package for you. Chef Calbert McDonald, professional personal chef, can create a great Jamaican feast or classic French cuisine. Chef Calbert McDonald spent years as a cooking instructor as well as acclaimed chef. Contact Chef Calbert McDonald today to schedule your cooking class party! Let get into the kitchen and cook some meals in just 15 minutes. Click on this link and get the recipes.


Wine Dinner Texas

As a professional personal chef, my job is to ensure that your party be a success.  Once you chose a menu and the date of the event, I will take care of the shopping and preparation for the event. A four course wine dinner is always al-carte service. Click on the link to view In Wine Dinner Menu. Each course comes with a matching wine. It is always nice to have a waiter or waitress to serve the guest, so that host of the party spends all the time with the guest. The waiter or waitress fee is not included in my price. The chef will do the cleaning and garbage removal from the kitchen. No dirty dishes! The host will provide the tablecloth, china-ware, glasses and silver ware. However, if the host does not have these items, then I cant provide the items at the expense of the host. I always travel with the necessary things to get the job done.   The Wine List. Contact Chef Calbert McDonald today for your next event.  


 Family Style Brunch and Dinner Buffet

Are you planning a family reunion, dinner, birthday, anniversary or just looking for someone to caterer for your everyday family needs? Well, look no further because your professional personal Chef Calbert McDonald is about to make your day easier. Starting from 20-200 people. The cost covers the cost of food and the professional personal chef, but does not covers beverage or waiter or waitress. The price will change depending upon the menu. Contact Chef Calbert McDonald today. 





Professional Personal Chef Service, Weddings, Reception, Catering, Dinner Party

Chef Calbert McDonald, professional personal chef service, takes pride in his culinary innovation and artistry. As a result, he offers creative, one-of-a-kind menus that provide a range of options. From a casual cocktail party to the most formal dinner party, Wedding catering, Receptions catering, birthday party, family brunch and dinner buffet and other professional catering you can be sure your guests will enjoy sumptuous, expertly prepared cuisine. Calbert Culinary Arts offers an extensive menu for any unique tastes your guests may have. Our personal chef service can do it all. Chef Calbert McDonald will also help you develop customized menus tailored to you and your guests’ unique tastes preferences. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. 
Click on the link to view menu.


Chef Calbert's Edible Fruit Center Pieces.

Calbert Culinary Arts have hand crafted watermelon baskets with arrangements of pineapple flower, melons, peach, plums and many more delightful fruits. It’s a great welcome gift or a table centerpiece. This is a great gift for your love ones, a pear of angle fish. The vase is carved from one whole watermelon in three dimensions to show all three colors of the melon.

Please call and make your reservation today by calling 860-461-2930 or 972-861-9383




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